Treatment Type: Alleviating Pain, numbness, chronic fatigue

Cathy P

Having had many sleepless nights with dreadful back ache, I can honestly say that after just one visit to see Ali at the Meridian Clinic its been miraculous, I have had a pain free night and day, my only regret is that I didn’t go to see Ali sooner. I’ve promised myself after my next treatment this week I’m going to make a booking for every three months just as maintenance. This is the second time Ali has treated my back and I can highly recommend her acupuncture treatment, its brilliant.

Denise B

After months of severe Heel pain and 5 courses of antibiotics for two misdiagnosed conditions, I contacted Meridian Acupuncture who correctly diagnosed Plantar Fasciatis. Following just one session of Acupuncture treatment, and massage with oils and correct advice, my heel is so much better I can now walk of properly. Many thanks
(My wife Denise is so much better she can’t believe it, we are now on with looking for the supportive shoes. Thank you very much we are so very great full.🤗🤗🤗 DB &CHB).


Ali my acupuncturist was fantastic I had planta fasciatis and couldn’t even walk I was using a walk stick after a few sessions with her I was so much better couldn’t believe how she made me better she was fantastic and I highly recommend her. Barbie.

Sharon McN

I’ve suffered with muscular pain from my hip right down to the base of my foot. I have so far had three sessions and I can already feel a big improvement. Highly recommend.

Muriel S

I first started with Meridian Acupuncture clinic (Ali) in September 2019 with a frozen right shoulder. This was extremely painful and I had tried everything with no result. After just one visit I felt slight relieve that I hadn’t felt in months I was amazed. By October 2019 I was getting good movements with my arm and shoulder and my pain had decreased significantly so good that I had reduced my pain killers and no longer needed a support cushion whilst laying down. By November of that year I almost had full circular movement was not on any medication and was sleeping 100% better. This treatment was fabulous and stopped me from slipping into a full emotional decline. Pain free at last movement back into my arm/shoulder and sleeping far better than ever. I would highly recommend Meridian Acupuncture Clinic for any sort of physical pain, injury or emotional problems that you may be experiencing. The way the pain mechanism is explained and treated helps you understand and work with the problem instead of just popping pain killers. Great clinic great results.

Edgar Houghland

I originally sought out Aliya upon strong recommendation that she could help my back pain. She opened up with a discussion that puts me at ease. Aliya is clearly skillful and knowledgeable at her job. She was amazingly accurate at assessing my medical condition and even my personality traits. The acupuncture session itself was deeply relaxing and energising. It resolved my back ache and a number of other issues. Aliya is the most professional and effective holistic therapist I have ever encountered. I recommend her to everyone.

Jeni I

Amazing! As a sceptic of Acupuncture since I have had it in the past with no result. I was persuaded to see Ali by a friend. I have had hip pain for two months and it is painful to walk, sleep, and get out of bed in the morning. I put it down to old age creeping on since I am 76! However after one treatment Hurrah no pain and I got a good nights sleep and I got out of bed. I will be going back for another session because the results are marvelous. Thankyou Ali.

Sue B

Ali is truly amazing, I visited her over 8 years ago as I had problems with my hip and her services are brilliant. I then sailed through the menopause thanks to Ali and recently she has helped me with a sad situation. Whatever you are trying to fix, Ali is fantastic and can really help you I am confident of that.

Ellie Levens

I started seeing Aliya in July 2019 due to some mild but persistent MS symptoms. Whilst I still have some symptoms, they are definitely much improved. Also, my monthly cycle now no longer rules my life, as it has done since I was 13. Aliya makes sure I don’t suffer with my periods in any way and this has massively improved my physical and mental wellbeing. Aliya is absolutely amazing and I can honestly say she has changed my life! Thank you Aliya, you have a client for life and I can’t recommend you enough x.

Christine Little

On Oct 18 2018 I first consulted Ali for treatment to my right hand trigger finger and neck pain. Both of these are now almost completely cured. On Nov 13th this year I sought help for pain in the hip and right knee, which was almost continuous and unbearable. I have now reached the point when I rarely take pain relief. The acupuncture treatment was really beneficial and I would certainly recommend it highly.